Becky Stuart  – CEO

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Dallas, TX 75024

Our Commitment:

 “Aligning Doctor’s with our professional banking alliance for precise implementation of our portfolio mortgage product offerings. Ensuring swift response time for approval, and complete customer satisfaction. Our delivery platform is completely designed to provide the Medical Professional with only the very best in mortgage financing options tailored to their individual needs.” - Executive Team / Doctor Mortgage Alliance 

 Our Mission: 

To ensure that the Doctor and our Medical Community is provided with only the very best in mortgage terms. Doctor Mortgage Alliance is a not for profit platform designed by Doctors for Doctors. Our sole purpose is to connect you with our experienced Banking Officer’s. This Bank Officer specializes with assisting Doctors on a daily basis through our Private Bank operation.
There are no fees, obligations, requirements or prepayments whatsoever. Unlike other online offerings, Doctor Mortgage Alliance does not collect a fee from you. Doctor Mortgage Alliance’s platform is committed to keeping your home buying, and loan approval process as painless as possible.

Our Purpose:

  • Allow swift access to our lending products through steadfast mortgage alliance’s and programs geared to assist New and Established Doctors, Dentists, Physicians, Attending, Fellows, Residents, and Graduating Medical Students with obtaining the best in class home financing has to offer.
  • Provide options you can compare with more common place lender’s or mortgage broker’s.
  • Inform you on the various rate promotions and fee waiver’s made available to New and Established Doctors, Dentists, Physicians, Attending, Fellows, Residents, and Graduating Medical Students.
  • Provide a convenient and thorough resource for information and Q & A’s in regard to purchasing your new home. Allowing you and your Realtor direct communication 7 days a week to our trusted Sr. Mortgage Banking Officer’s.
  • Provide you with consistent weekly Economic Updates so you are well informed on how our economy can influence home buying.

Our Objective:

Doctor Mortgage Alliance’s philosophy is that by helping others achieve their goals in life, everyone wins!

Presently offering 100% financing within: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania.

We encourage you to do what thousands of other Doctor’s have successfully completed and complete the “Quick Assessment – Contact Us” form and we will at no obligation place a trusted Doctor Loan expert in touch within 1 Hours.

If you are not satisfied with the special loan terms, or service provided by our representative you are matched with then you are of course under no obligation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. We are available and eager to help you.

Thank you for considering Doctor Mortgage Alliance!
“Inspired by Physicians, for Physicians”