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Protecting your security and privacy is held in high regard at Doctor Mortgage Alliance!

The contact information we receive is provided only to our National – Doctor Loan Expert!

Doctor Mortgage Alliance under No circumstance will sell your information to any organization, or individual including our National – Doctor Loan Expert.

Important: Note that there are sites on the web that absolutely sell your data to lenders, and one must question that practice. We are totally complimentary to you and to the Doctor Loan Expert. Our service is Free to assist the Medical Community with the largest investment most will have to make in a lifetime. Again, our service to the Doctors and others within the medical community is completely complimentary.

We are a not for profit mortgage referral platform designed to assist the Medical Community including Doctors, Physicians, Dentists, Residents, Hospital HR departments, and select Physician Groups with obtaining the very best offerings in mortgage lending today.

The Doctor Loan Expert you are connected with has demonstrated excellence in customer service and has vast experience assisting Doctors, Physicians, Dentists, Residents and other Medical Professionals within a Private Banking Platform.  

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