What Physician Home Loan Programs Offer

What Physician home loan programs have to offer?

Physician home loan programs are bringing forth the opportunity for residents and established doctors to be set up with mortgages that are favorable to their financial situation.  The financial situation of residents and established doctors can often be troubled, often including an overwhelming amount of student loan debt.  This can leave recent graduates struggling to get approved for a mortgage or refinance.  Physician home loan programs can help those who qualify to avoid some of these struggles.

Offering a Chance at a Quality Mortgage

The first thing that physician home loan programs offer is an opportunity at a quality mortgage or refinancing opportunity.  Many residents and established medical doctors have high medical school loans.  These loans, when applying for a conventional mortgage, can cause your debt-to-income ratio to appear too high and prevent you from securing a standard loan.  Physician home loan programs have been developed so that this added debt is looked at differently in certain situations when calculating the eligibility for your loan.

Added Buying Power

Since this loan process gives you a more favorable debt-to-income ratio, you are going to have added buying power.  This means that your income is going to allow you to buy a more expensive home than you would be able to purchase if you went with a conventional loan.  

Reduced Interest Rates

Another major benefit of physician home loan programs is the reduced interest rates that will be offered.  Physician home loan programs are going to bring forth interest rates for residents and established doctors that are lower than those of conventional loans.  The advantage of reduced interest rates is that less of your money will be spent on interest each month, putting more towards the principal of your loan.  This will in turn increase your buying power like mentioned above. Lower interest rates mean that your loan amount can be increased since the overall monthly payment will work out in your favor.

Physician home loan programs are designed to allow residents and established doctors to be set up with a mortgage that works for them.  This means having a lot of loan options that can potentially allow you to avoid having the burden of additional costs on your monthly loan payment, including mortgage insurance and other fees.  These loan program are great for doctors, whether they are looking to buy their first home, to refinance their current home, or to secure a vacation home.  

Considering the financial stress that many residents and established doctors are under with their large medical loans, it is understandable why these types of programs have been put together to assist them.  They provide a great opportunity for those with medical school loans to buy the home of their dreams without having to suffer from high interest rates and disadvantageous loan conditions. These loans were created to help residents and doctors in need.  Taking advantage of these physician home loan programs can help you get the home you desire and a mortgage you can afford.

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